About Us

Ra-ah International Development (RID) is a regional development consortium, currently operational in the United Kingdom and Africa. About 80% of our work is in Africa through our subsidiary office in Nigeria – the Ra-ah Institute of Development, which is located in Kaduna and Abuja.

We are a management consulting firm providing social and economic development services for governments, donor agencies, NGOs and private organizations. We support our clients to achieve their goals and objectives to reducing poverty through our specialized services in:

Research and policy analysis

Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Management

Training and Certification.

Our mission is to anchor potentials and bridge the quality gaps in poverty reduction processes in Africa.


We envisage a sustainable improvement in the living standards of the poor and the less privileged in Africa. We strive to facilitate this vision through our work ethics that promote fairness, effective participation, collaboration, partnership, transparency and accountability, honesty and respect for human lives.