Monitoring and Evaluation

Our Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services provide A-Z solutions to your projects and programs performance requirements.

We design, train and implement M&E frameworks using traditional and modern strategies. Our M&E frameworks are adaptable, flexible and scalable, i.e can be used for simple and small projects or large and complex programmes. We conduct impact assessments of small or large development programmes and projects. Our evaluation activities reveals ‘what work’, ‘what does not work’ and ‘why’?

Our Monitoring and Evaluation services include:


Because monitoring and evaluation is a process tool, it is difficult to provide a blue print on how it should be conducted. However, RID uses all the necessary M&E processes to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.... click here to see our M&E framework. Our M&E framework is guided by the following processes:

Organizational Conceptual Hill
Planning processes
Baseline setting
Indicators development (Key Performance Indicators)
Data collection

We do not only design M&E framework but we also conduct the monitoring and evaluation of our client’s projects and programs. Our approach to implementation is simple, it is tailored to capture the client’s realities and to produce quick results.

We develop baselines and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), our team of experts collect and analyse data. We use modern techniques to report M&E outcomes and impacts. We also develop and build databanks, and manage data systems for small and large scale programs. Our clients are the better for good value to their money, by our total commitment to global M&E best practices.

Our implementation plans include coordination of stakeholders and building bloc to ensure collaboration and partnership in a M&E system. We ensure that stakeholders within or outside the program/project develop the culture of sharing information while they work together to achieve common goals.


RID specialises in M&E capacity building. Our courses are designed for professionals and beginners alike. Sessions are mainly conducted for corporate organizations and groups but individual considerations are given to the youth, women and less privileged here to see our M&E courses.

We also provide on-the-job training where our staff reside with clients to ensure that what they learnt in a class setting is put to practice.