Our Philosophy

Our approach and methods of service delivery anchor heavily on effective poverty reduction principles. Consequently, the efficacy of our work is the extent to which our strategies directly or indirectly support poverty reduction and improve social inclusion.

RID’s work ethics among others include:

Effective participation
We give our clients the right methods and tools to engage a wide range of stakeholders in their development processes simultaneously - right from the planning to completion stages...read more

RID provides techniques for coordinating various projects and programs at national and community levels. We save our clients from the problems of duplications, waste of time and resources in the processes of planning and execution reforms...read more

Partnership and Collaboration
We develop partnership frameworks that include tools for complex negotiation, learning, communication and networking systems to support government departments, communities and development practitioners collaborate...read more

Ownership and Sustainability
On the long run, our intervention strategies seek to create ownership and sustainability....read more

Our Mission
Our mission is to anchor potentials and bridge the quality gaps in poverty reduction processes in Africa.

Our Vision

We envisage a sustainable improvement in the living standards of the poor and the less privileged in Africa. We strive to facilitate this vision through our work ethics that promote fairness, effective participation, collaboration, partnership, transparency and accountability, honesty and respect for human lives.