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RID holds a franchise of TenStep inc. Project Management portfolio. Our methodology, training and consulting services provide lifecycle PMOs, portfolios, and application support for our clients.

We have come to know that effective management during each project stage, precedes successful execution and effective project outcomes. However, the mastery of effective management is a difficult concept and as such many organizations encounter difficulties in managing projects effectively. The most common challenges facing project management both at individual and organisational level include:
i) Lack of or incomprehensive planning of projects. Many organisations fail to prioritise timely and comprehensive plans of their projects as a necessary activity during each stage of the project. Many individuals and organizations consider the detailed planning of projects, a waste of time and resources.
The late completion of projects, over budgeting, or failure to meet agreed targets. The history of many organizations (especially the public sector where political considerations override realities and technical reasoning) are littered by incomplete projects, resource waste and duplication of efforts. These have become the main causes of uncompleted, abandoned and failed projects.
ii) Lack of or inconsistent use of standards and techniques. For many, project management is about the ‘rule of thumb’ rather than a professional application of methods and standards. This is why many managers are not able to deliver projects successfully.

Lack of or inadequate engagement of project stakeholders.

iii) The time required to manage projects proactively is scarcely integrated into the work plan and is considered 'overhead'
Projects may achieve success despite the lack of planning and project management. However this could also be a problem because the success is often achieved through heavy stress and overtime work throughout the life cycle.

RID provides solutions to all project management challenges. Our TenStep products and services offer dynamic, comprehensive, cost effective, global solutions to help you successfully complete your projects and improve your performance at all levels. Our TenStep suite can guarantee a successful, project management delivery from planning to execution.

With TenStep managing is made simple!
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