Our strength lies in conducting research, developing competences and skills for policy influences. For more than a decade now, Ra-ah International Development (RID) has been working to support the public sector to make public policies on the basis of evidence through our research activities.

We believe that while the practice of evidence based policy is not an end in itself, it is an important strategy for overcoming African’s economic and social challenges. Our work in this area is focused on research and data management to support our clients in the public sector - Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and third sectors to appreciate the relationship between research, policy and practice. We originate and support existing research activities. Our Work cuts across Africa with different policy actors within diverse political contexts. We therefore utilize context tools to collect and manage data that inspire governments and their partners to link statistics, policy and practice. See our applied research themes and programs.

Social exclusion and social protection
Almajiri project in Northern Nigeria
Budgets and Sectoral Development
Institutions and Systemic Development
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